Contax Cameras

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On September 11, 1816 Carl Zeiss was born in Weimer, Thuringia States. He was employed briefly as an auditor at Jena University and began to study the theory of lens manufacturing. After a few years, he studied mathematics and chemistry, then opened up his own workshop at a very young age. Ernst Karl Abbe and Freidrick Otto Schott then joined the workshop and together this trio made Contax Cameras. Contax Cameras are renowned for their breakthroughs in photography. Their work has contributed immensely to optical systems knowledge and has produced practical products that were crucial to contemporary microscopy and photography.Fisher Price Camera is an excellent choice for your childs first digital camera. it is suitable for kids 3 years and over. Build to with stand any hard damage dealt.

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There have been many cameras produced since then, all superbly crafted, with new ones being released that were better than the previous one. Unfortunately Contax Cameras have ceased to market to the general population due to the fact that they are unable to catch up with recent market changes. Nevertheless, the first Contax 1, which first started production in 1932, will never be forgotten for its pioneering features. This includes:

  • Single shutter speed dial, goes up to 1/1000 th second
  • Fastest, sharpest lenses in both long and short focal lengths.
  • Vertical, metal focal plane shutter
  • Able to remove camera back for easier film loading
  • Bayonet lens mount
  • Viewfinders for wide angle
  • Telephoto lenses
  • Microscope stand
  • Copy Stand

Thanks to expanding technology Camera's have been a great source of security. Video surveillance systems are being implemented everywhere now a days from banks, shops and ones own household. Now even Wireless ip cameras are being widely used. What better way to make sure that you are safe and secure then having video surveillance.